Wedding planning for the big day


Wedding Planning

Let’s really honest here, most of the time as a man, you don’t really get much say about wedding planning for your big day. When you were a kid your focus was a better K/D on Halo. A better lap time on Forza and the thought “it’s Saturday, why Have I not had MacDonalds yet’

Your missus, on the other hand, knew by the age of 3 and a half, what the dress was going to look like. Where the venue is going to be and what the color scheme of the flower arrangement of table 6 was going to look like. Oh and who is sitting at table 6.

This is of course perfectly fine with most guys. Besides You’ve don’t the hard part, you’ve brought the ring, you’ve asked her dad for your ladies hand. (if you didn’t you should’ve done!) and because you’re so awesome at being creative, you have come up with the most epic place to pop the question.

You have very little left to do, apart from. Don’t die on the stag do, turn up on time, say I do. Make a speech (bonus points for getting laughter while winging it). Eat some food, cut a cake, have a dance, then disappear until the sun comes up…

What happens if you want to help

What happens if you want to get involved with the wedding planning. Becky wants me to help and I’m happy to help.

You will get snubbed.

One venue in particular made me feel like I was wasting her ‘precious time’ Another venue asked if the Bride know I was calling. To which I replied, of course, it’s not for an episode of don’t tell the bride. Needless to say we didn’t book either venue.

I called another venue and asked them about the details. They would be happy to show us around… Only if the bride would like to call and they could book the viewing in… We didn’t book this venue either.

Should a Man be wedding planning

Becky books everything, she has to, otherwise, it just means we have to call again, or rather Becky has to call again. So why is this? Perhaps its because I’m a man. (I understand I’m calling sexism here).

Perhaps it’s because I ‘shouldn’t’ be doing it’ and its sacred ground! It’s a woman’s thing only men aren’t allowed.

Maybe it’s because so many women are ‘bridezillas’ when it comes to wedding planning. The groom’s don’t even get to say what car they can turn up in. Let alone what the color schemes are and what flavors the cake is going to be!

Or perhaps its because most women think most men will mess it up. That’s it’s the brides special day and no man is trustworthy.

‘Don’t let men help they will ruin it’.

You have to ‘trust’ in a relationship before you consider getting married? If you can’t trust a man to not ruin your wedding why are you marrying him? I won’t take ‘its a wedding and its different as an answer either.

So perhaps I should just take a back seat, sort out my suit and not die on the stag do and turn up on the day, eat some food cut a cake and have a dance? Not a chance

I’m still going to help

Whichever reason it is that most women say that Men shouldn’t help with the wedding planning. I not that fussed as I will be helping. I just won’t be making any phone calls, there no point. Besides what happens if my favorite scotch isn’t on the bar? and there isn’t a chocolate ganache inside the cake? What then?!

So I want to help create the invitations and make the table decorations. I’m going to have a big input on the food and what we are eating for our wedding breakfast. I’m going to be there to help with the table plans. There will be a layer of chocolate ganache in the cake which I’m probably going to make.

You did read that right. I, as a man, am going to make my own wedding cake and why not? I can bake pretty damn well, I make a mean genoise sponge if I do say so myself!

Oh, and it will also mean my favorite scotch (Lagavulin 16yr) is going to be on the back bar in our wedding venue Bunny hill . There more on the venue in a blog at a later date)

Why is it so important to me that I help? Because I want to be a part of the wedding planning, as does Becky and more importantly, because it is our special day. Not just hers.

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