Three Square Meals a Day

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Wake up and eat Breakfast, have your Lunch at around 1, maybe 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Finish work, go home and have dinner. Easy.

Easy that is, if you work a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.

Three Square meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. This what the doctors and other health experts say that you should eat daily.

I have worked in the hospitality industry. In the hospitality industry, there is no such thing as ‘9 to 5’ Monday to Friday! So how do you eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, while making sure it is balanced and your getting all your nutrients?

It’s too easy to stop by your local 24 hour Junk food eatery on your way home. Bearing in mind, the ‘on your way home’ time could be anywhere from 11 pm to 6 am. If you finishing at 6 am are you really wanting to get up at 8 am for Breakfast? The answer is as you have probably guessed a NO!

The hospitality industry is also renowned for having a party lifestyle which goes hand in hand with the irregular hours. Chances are if your in the hospitality industry you are out boozing the rest of the night away

So what do you do?

How do you get your three square meals a day? In between irregular working patterns all-night parties and after a 16 hour double shifts. (They are more common than you might think) Can you really be bothered to make a freshly prepared Spaghetti Bolognese?

To tell the truth it’s really difficult. Getting five minutes to yourself to inhale a plate of chips. A plate of chips that have been held under a hot window for the past three hours that is. Isn’t the best. You could, of course, try turning around to your manager and saying…

I would love to take the order for that table of 12 that has just sat. But I need my Three square meals. It is also my dinner time as well you know…

Saying this would mean that you would indeed be eating your dinner at the correct time. You would also be eating dinner at the correct time every day after that as well. The reason wouldn’t be because your manager would be so understanding. It would be quite the opposite!

So how do you get your three square meals?

The Key to it is to not look at Meal times as Breakfast lunch and dinner. It is better to make sure you get your three meals in at some point during the day.

For example, You wake up at 2 pm eat a meal. you eat again just before you start work say at 7 pm which is a larger meal. This should be able to keep you going until you can get 5 minutes to yourself later in the night. This is when you eat a lighter meal that you prepared earlier. Unless you have made friends with the chef, in that case, you are going to be eating well. Either way, it means you don’t have to eat those overheated dried up chips.

In a nut-shell, if you switch over your Lunch and Dinner meals, you should still get your three square meals each day.

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