The Shake Diet Plan

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The shake Diet. Does it work and more importantly is it worth the money and the hype?

The food industry is worth billions. The fast-food industry alone produces over $570 Billion. That’s a lot of junk food! With all that junk food it’s only natural that there is a huge market for diet shakes and weight loss meals. How do they work and why do people buy them?

The fad diet is not new, it has been around for nearly 100 years. Although it has gained a lot of traction in the past 40 years. The same goes for the keep fit industry which has also gained a lot of ground over the past 40 years.

The first liquid diet

In the 1930s the fad diet came about by An American Doctor, Willian Hay. He said that you shouldn’t consume Protein and Carbohydrates in the same meal. It was around the same time when the liquid diet was first marketed. This is what the shake diet is all about. Marketing.

Promises of rapid weight loss combined with ‘magic formulas’. Combine this with a skinny model or famous person that says it works, and, well you know the rest!

The other thing about these shake diets is that they are really easy to follow. Just look at some of the marketing slogans;

Slim fast, who has the time to slim slow?

Slim fast advert aired 2017 on national TV”

‘Our meal replacement soups for easy weight loss are Hearty, high in protein and low in carbs’


If you are using the word ‘hearty’ to describe a meal then it surely it should provide abundant nourishment? The seems to think so…

It ‘s easy to see why body image is such a hot topic in this and age, just look at every woman’s magazine out there. Stick thin cover girls adore the front covers, Tip for weight loss and the latest fad diet is splashed across the internet.

It hasn’t always been like this though.

Being fat used to be a status symbol

It is true that it used to be. It would mean that you had the money to buy as much food as you could eat. Being fat was a status symbol which went hand in hand with having money.

Changing food guidelines

In the late ’70s the Food and Drug Administration in the united states brought in a food table which stated that people should eat more carbohydrates and should limit their fat intake. This had a profound effect on the population. Below is a graph showing the average weight of Americans. Full Credit to Research gate.

Average weight of Americans .

As the above graph shows in the late ’70s, there is a steady increase in average weight. This has been attributed to the advice of the FDA in America. There is now a lot of research that suggests that the truth is that fats aren’t that bad for you and you should limit the number of carbohydrates consumed. This evidence is based on the scientific research of Gary Taubes.

Perhaps it was due to the lobbying from the grain farmers to drive the industry for nothing more than profits. I can’t say for sure so this is just an assumption of mine. However, this is exactly what happened with the use of preservatives in bacon. In the late ’70’s…

The status quo within society now is that you need to be thin to be successful. Which is why the diet shake industry is as big as it is. People also don’t like to put the work in, everyone wants the quick short cut.

The shake diet

The Shake diet is basically a diet that reduces the number of calories that you consume. All packaged up and marketed to you based on what you want to hear.

The issue is that some of these diets are not good for you and some are really expensive. I lived in Australia for a few years a while back. My flatmate at the time spent a fortune on a diet meal plan meals brought to you once a week. She was always hungry she and ended up putting on weight!

So why do people do these diets plans?

basically to lose weight from all of the weight that they have put on from listening to the advice that FDA gave out in the ’70s coupled with the ease of buying junk food 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Loes the weight quickly and easily. Its what people want to hear.

So what is is it you are actually buying?

Well not much really! Whey protein the main source of protein in the soup for is the by-product from making cheese. Whey protein is what body builders use, but they use it in cold water or cold milk. The problem here is that Whey gets destroyed when heated up and because of this there really isn’t much nutritional protein in these soups.

In a Diet shake, over 75% of it is Skimmed milk powder! There’s also a substance called Maltodextrin which is a thickener and a carbohydrate with a glycemic index double that of table sugar! (The Glycemic index scale is the scale on your blood spiking with glucose) So essentially you are paying a lot of money for skimmed milk mixed with a substance that is worse for you than sugar. Oh, there is also a load of additives mixed in. Mmmm, Yum!

You will lose weight though. I can’t deny this fact. Although if you drink a glass of skimmed milk with some sugar in it and you call it a meal, you will lose weight!

Once you lose the weight

So once you have lost the weight, by practically starving yourself what do you do? (Speak to any woman that has used these diet shakes, they will tell you that they literally staved themselves…) Well, you go back to eating your old diet again, guess what? You will put the weight straight back on and you will also have huge cravings for sugar.

what do you do then? Well, you go back to the diet soup or diet shake diet, of course, it works why wouldn’t you?

Of course, it works! You are drastically reducing your intake of calories and filling your self up with water! While costing you a small fortune I might add!

How does your body shed weight?

Your body is an amazing machine and we are designed to store energy in the way of fat, this was in the land that time forgot when there weren’t fast food joints on every corner! You weren’t sure when your next meal might be, So we evolved to store fat to use as energy in lean times.

It a process that is called ketoses. If you stop eating carbohydrates your body will start processing your stored fat. Your body will start to break down the fats. You don’t need an expensive diet shake to do this your body does this for you.

So what should you do?

Well stop with te diet shakes for a start! Eat a healthy diet, which means lean meats and to scale back on carb-rich food. Cut down on your portion sizes, stop eating sugar and don’t drink diet sodas! Eat more veggies, they don’t need to be boring! Check out my blog on herbs and what to do with them to add some flavour to your veggies! The bonus is that they will fill you up, you will get your carb cravings the same as you would from your shakes but you won’t be hungry!

Change your habits

If you lose the weight fast through a fad diet or diet shake, you can’t sustain it. You’re going to start craving sugars and you’re going to go back to eating what you ate before. Which the chances are, is the very food that caused you to gain so much weight first place.

So you need to change your eating habits. By changing your eating habits, you won’t need to spend a small fortune every time you put on weight for this diet shakes. This is because you wouldn’t have put the weight on in the first place! Wouldnt it be nice if the weight came off and stayed off? Yes? I thought so!

If you really want to use a weight loss soup, then try this simple recipe.

A handful of vegetables and some cooked chicken breast mixed into some chicken stock. This will make you a simple soup. Add some thyme as well for some flavour. It will cost you a lot less.

You will have a flavourful base, quality protein and you will get lots of vitamins, minerals and natural fibres from the vegetables. If you’re stuck for time use frozen vegetables. You won’t get a heavy sugar crash either!

With a little effort, you can show your friends pictures of your bikini body on that tropical beach with the money you have saved from not wasting it on those fad diet shakes!

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