Spreading happiness

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Spreading Happiness. A few months ago, I wasn’t having the best time. Which is OK these things happen to us all the time. We all take a knock or two it all part and parcel of life.

what do I mean by Spreading Happiness?

I needed to call the bank I was with about a loan that I had, it was for something simple, I had just changed jobs and needed to change the date of the direct debit.

Sometimes things can be a little frustrating when you are on the phone! The line is bad, you can’t get through. Other times you’re being passed around departments. Calls to banks are most of the time a little frustrating!

An unlikely Phone call

On this occasion it was different. I made the call to help centre. Bob answered the phone.

He introduced him self. He then said something that different and not what I was expecting.

How is your day was going?

It was so simple yet it had such an impact on me. It wasn’t just his question but it was also the tone, one of genuine interest. He actually wanted to know how my day was going and not asking as if he was reading from a script.

So naturally I responded and gave more information than I usually would. I said That I had just finished work and I was heading home to put my feet up after a long day at work.

He asked me where I worked, So I said to him. I then said to him I would ask you where you work but seeing as I’ve called you I already know… The conversation flowed from there.

I was on the phone for about. 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes, not only had the date of my direct debit changed but I was left feeling really happy as well. He had spread happiness to me.

An old saying

There’s an old saying smile and the world smiles with you, this is true but can be really easy to forget.

The phone call that I had that day, stuck with me and got me thinking. It true she was just doing her job but she went well over and above what her job is.

This Lady had no idea who I was and I was never going to meet her but she had just made my day whether she knew it or not.

Spreading Happiness

we have all had that one memorable experience that blows us away so to speak, the one that leaves us with a nice afterglow and leaves us with that nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. This because of the feelings crate during a experience.

Going back to the phone call he was just happy and because she was happy I became happy as well!

The law of reciprocity

The Law of reciprocity says that you receive what you give so if you want to be happy make the people around you happy. Happiness is infectious and happiness will spread and in turn, the people around you will be nice back. The reverse is true as well, Misery love’s company!

So why not spread a little happiness every now and then? After all, surely the goal in life is to be happy? After all, don’t we work to earn money to buy us the latest gadgets, items of clothing and shoes to make us happy?

Spreading a little happiness doesn’t cost us anything, and its the cheapest way to being happier. S next time you are out, hold open that door for someone.

Here’s a question for you

When you open a door for someone and they don’t say thank you, do you get upset?

How about this question?

If you do get upset did you do open the door to be thanked or did you open the door to be nice?

Should they say thank you? does it matter if they do?

Naturally, you are going to get people that don’t say thank you and there could be all kind of reasons why they don’t but is it your job to judge? Its all about perspective.

So Spread a little more happiness around, be kinder to people and they will be kinder back because we could all do with a little more happiness in our lives.

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