No More Fizzy Drinks (pt3)

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No more sugary fizzy drinks. This is the third part in an ongoing topic. If you haven’t read part one or part two please do!

Anyway’s here a quick recap, About ten days ago I decided that I would be giving up soft drinks. Mostly because I don’t want to be putting addivites into my body anymore.

It turns out, Aspartame, (which is the biggest additive in diet drinks) has a lot of questions that are unanswered. Most of these are about if it’s safe to eat, what are the long term effects etc. Although the World health organisation and a number of other organisations have given it the green light to say it is safe to eat. So as it srtands at the time of writting it safe to eat!

Aspartame is everywhere!

If I’m honest I feel so much better for not drink lots and lots of fizzy drinks! I have more energy and I just feel generally better and I didn’t go through a whole heap of side effects either! Which is a huge plus!

I really enjoy going to the supermarket I know it might sound strange to some! It’s the thought of going to a place where the meal combinations are endless! The range of food that is on offer these days is amazing! I can spend a long time in a supermarket and more so since deciding that I wasn’t going to drink any more soft drinks. As I’ve really been paying more attention to what’s in our food and drink since stopping drinking diet fizzy drinks and not wanting to put additives into my body anymore.

Aspartame is everywhere! It used to be the additive the additives put in diet fizzy drinks. Not anymore. It’s in everything! Check the label of the fizzy drink bottle next time you’re out shopping and you will see it. Why has this happened?

A world sugar shortage.

Sugar is in short supply. Yes really. You might not think it but the world can’t keep up with the demand for sugar. You would be correct if you say;

But Paulie, there’s so much sugar, every supermarket you go in there bags and bags of it!

There were riots in the street in Ethiopia!* Sugar is that addictive!

(*According to the BBC News)

You are right! There are bags and bags of it in supermarkets. However, it also shows the demand for the stuff. There were riots in the street in Ethiopia according to the BBC news over sugar shortages and how people were rationed to ‘only’ 5kg a month! Sugar is highly addictive and we crave the stuff.

Supply and demand

Basic supply and demand theory states that if there’s a shortage of something then the price of this something goes up. Diamonds are a great example of this. Diamonds are not in short supply. People have limited them, to make them seem scarce and valuable. This in turn pushes the price up.

Updated supply and demand model. Global rough-diamond demand is projected to grow at an average annual rate of about 1% to 4% through 2030; supplyis projected to grow 0% to 1% per year. Our forecast reflects fundamental supply and demand factors rather than short-term fluctuations.

If supply is limited then the price goes up, if there is a lot of supply then the price goes down which is the case of diamonds. In the case of sugar, there is a lot of demand which pushes the price up but in the case of sugar their still isn’t enough to go around anyway.

So what have diamond prices got to do with sugar and Fizzy drinks prices?

If you’re wondering why I’m I’m quoting about Diamonds when this blog is about fizzy drinks and Aspartame I’ll explain!

So imagine that you the leader, the head honcho, the CEO or whatever of a huge fizzy drinks company and you have this product that everyone drinks. It has lots of sugar in it. All of a sudden sugar is in short supply and it looks like it’s going to be this way for a good few years to come.

What do you do? well you have two options.

Option one;

limit your production and push up the price of your fizzy drink and hope that your competitors follow suit and people carry on buying your fizzy drink. It worked for the diamond industry!

Option two;

Reduce the amount of sugar in your drinks and replace them with, Aspartame, the product that you have been using in your diet drinks? Which is also 200 times sweeter than sugar so you need to use a lot less of it. Which the world health Organisation has also said it’s safe to eat. Oh, there’s also the thing that sugar is getting a lot of bad press. Then, Then on top of all that, there’s the new sugar tax coming in…

If you wanted to keep your job you would pick option two, Of course! Which is the excate reason why why these additives are now in the full-fat variety of fizzy drinks!

What’s in store for me now?

Drinking only Teas coffee and water is what! Which isn’t a bad thing! I have to add, I’ve noticed that I’m craving sugar a lot less. It took me three days to eat the Easter egg and chocolate bunny Becky brought me for Easter. In the past, It wouldn’t have lasted more than three hours! I feel healthier and more vibrant and I definitely have more energy! I fee I’m losing weight as well, which is understandable seeing as I’m not eating half as much sugar as I was!

No more Fizzy drinks

Overall I’m glad I’ve stopped drinking these fizzy drinks I feel so much better for it, So I’m probably going to stick with it. Or rather without it!

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