Microwave rice

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Microwave rice and other microwaveable convince foods are really handy but are they any good for you? Let’s find out!

Packet Microwave rice, You simply cut open the top and pop it into your microwave. Turn the timer to 90 seconds and wait for the ping. Vola! Your rice is cooked even before you have finished peeling an onion! One serving of rice ready in 90 seconds flat! It might seem that it is too good to be true.

Is Microwave rice to good to be true? let’s find out.

First, lets look at the dangers of leaving rice out at room temperature.

Rice (as well as pasta) can grow some seriously nasty food born bacteria. This bacteria goes by the name of Bacillus Cereus. Which if I’m honest sounds like a great name for a dragon or even a great Roamn warrior!

(Jokes aside) this Nasty germ can produce up to 19 different types of poisons!

Source: Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Depending on how strong your immune system is and what type of poison this dragon named sounding bug produces, Will result in a varying range of illness. These illnesse can range from being a bit sick and having the runs, to liver failure and even Death. You read that right, Death.

How does this happen?

If you leave rice out then germs will develop. The germs then release a toxin, it is this toxin that makes you sick.

Before anyone decides that’s it ‘no rice for life’ after reading this let me assure you that cases of death are thankfully rare. Most of the time it’s just a bit of sickness and a case of having to visit the loo a bit more than usual. So don’t worry too much! It does however raise a question.

ow can microwave rice sit in a sealed packet for months on end?

In order for companies to cook rice and pack it into sealed containers ready to microwave, while not get sued for making people sick or killing them. They cook the rice and then sterilize it. This strips the rice of any nutritional value. So to get around this they then add vitamins and minerals back in. Sometimes with a load of sodium and on some store own branded microwave rice they also add Sulphur dioxide.

Yes, Sulphur Dioxide! So what is Sulphur dioxide?

Well, it is a natural gas..

A natural gas produced by volcanoes erupting while they spew out molten rock that is!

So basically the gas cloud that blocks out the sun, kills wildlife while destroying everything in its path is, apparently, safe to put into our rice! I really want to know how someone came up with this and how they have gotten away with it!

Anyway that aside, microwave rice also costs a lot more than the standard variety. Of course, convenience foods are more expensive but rice is so simple to cook why would you need this convenience? Sure brown rice takes a while to cook and wild rice takes even longer but just use the white variety. Ok I understand it’s not as healthy as brown rice but at least there isn’t volcanic gas in it!

Making your own rice

So guys, girls and those of you that are neutral gender, spend the little extra time in making fresh rice over using microwave rice.

Just don’t leave freshly made rice out on your side make sure you eat it straight away. If you do cook it and for some reason, you can’t eat it straight away, put in your fridge as soon as it has chilled.

Placing the rice in cold water as soon as it is cooked will chill it down straight away, which means you can get it into your fridge there and then! Make sure that it is eaten the next day otherwise throw it in the bin!

When you do reheat it, make sure your rice is piping hot! I don’t own a microwave, So I reheat my rice in a pot of boiling water.

So not only will you have delicious fluffy Volcanic gas free rice but it will also cost you the fraction of the price per serving! Check out my Mexican green rice recipe to add some flavour to your rice!

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