Avocado Guacamole


Hi, I'm Paulie. I am the creator of Paulies Kitchen. I am passionate about food and the health of me and the people around me. I have worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years where I fell in love with the art of cooking! I have a beautiful Fiancée called Becky and we are getting married next year. We also have two cats who are adorable although they do cause mayhem!


Guacamole is an avocado based Mexican dip. I love this dip and so does Becky! Creamy and soft Avocadoes, mixed with fragrant coriander, zingy onions, exoctic spices and zesty lime juice. A well-made Guacamole is both amazing and delicious!

It needs to eaten straight away!

Avocados react with the oxygen in the air which turns it brown. This is one of the reasons that store brought Guacamoles are full of preservatives and additives. I find adding the lime juice not only adds a nice citrus sour element to the Guacamole but it also helps with it not turning the horrible brown colour as fast! There are a number of other ‘creative’ way that people have devised to Guacamole from turning brown. These range from placing the avocado seed in the middle of the Guacamole to wrapping in cling film to stop the air getting to it.

The only sure way of making sure that your guacamole doesn’t brown is to eat it as soon as you make it! Oh and make sure you eat it with chips and salsa as well!

Where did Guacamole come from?

It has a long history, dating back to the ancient Aztec’s from central Mexico. The Aztec’s were harvesting Avocados 10,000 years ago! This was the time when the northern European’s were hunting giant woolly mammoths. That’s how long ago this is! The word guacamole comes from the word āhuacamolli. Which literally translates into ‘avocado sauce’ and it was what the very early version was. Mashed up avocados! The Aztec’s also thought it to be an aphrodisiac which only increased its popularity when it arrived in Europe.

When the Spanish rocked up in Mexico in the 16th Century and they decided that they would steal all of the Aztec’s gold. They also decided that they would steal the guacamole recipe from them as well. The nice people that they were! When the Spanish got it home and claimed the recipe as their own (they had stolen it after all!) they added more ingredients to it. Spices from Asia, limes from Persia and they also threw in some onions as well. This transformed the basic mashed Avocado guacamole into what we know it to be today.

There are many recipes

There are so many versions of Guacamole! Some are handed down from generation to generation and some are not. Different recipes call for all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients. There are recipes that call for specific types of Chillies, regional variations which need different spices. There is even a Michelin starred Mexican restaurant who’s recipe needs peas. Yes, you read that right, Peas! (Actually, I have the cookbook and while I’m thinking about it perhaps I should make this version?!)

My version

My Guacamole recipe has been made so many times and I’ve made so many changes to it that I can’t remember where, or what, the original was! What I do know is that I have made a lot of guacamole and the my recipe has had the time to perfect!

I use Rehydrated Ancho chillies and I like using these as they are fairly sweet. They also have a slightly smoky flavour which I find balance’s really well with the paprika.

The key to a great Guacamole I find is the ripeness of the Avocado. I will throw my avocados away if they are unripe as it will make the dish tasteless!

Another important point is to make sure you have the right balance of lime to avocado. I recommend squeezing half a lime in first and then taste the guacamole it to see if you need more. As you get seasonal variations!


For my Guacamole recipe you will need;

  • Two ripe Avocados
  • 1 small red onion
  • 1 lime
  • small bunch of coriander (Thats Cilantro if you’re in the US)
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon of ground cumin
  • Sea salt to taste

You can catch the ‘how to’ Video below, where I show you step by step how to make it and there’s also a few handy tips on how best to get the avocado out of its skin! It also goes really well with chips and salsa and as a side for fajitas.

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