30 Days of Happiness

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Happiness. What do you need to do to be happy?

It’s a simple question, but is the answer as simple? No, no it’s not. I’ve heard (and read for that matter) that happiness is a habit and that we ultimately have control over our state of happiness or unhappiness for that matter.

So what does that actually mean? In short, it means at how you look at life, are you a half a glass full type of person or a half a glass empty kind of person.

It is as simple as this?

As with everything in life things are a lot more complicated than the half glass analogy but, it is a good start. Being positive and seeing the best in situations should be what people are striving to achieve.

Also there is a strong view on the ‘law of attraction’ If you haven’t heard of this before then it means that that you receive what you think. Or in other words Positive things happen to positive people and vice versa.

Sometimes though, things happen in life that go beyond looking at a glass to see if it is half full or empty. Sometimes no matter what your thoughts are things outside of your control happen. Such is the nature of life.

What happens when its the glass that breaks?

What happens when you can’t do it on your own. We are all human after all. Get help. It’s ok to not be ok. Is a post about getting help and speaking up. We all fall down from time to time. Things happen in life happen that really are out of our control. If your in this place then please do speak to someone, like Calm (that, Against Living Miserably). Everone deserves to be happy.

So how do we maintain a glass half full mentality? Is there anything that we can do to create happiness?

Yes. By being grateful for the little things in life. By stopping and smelling the roses from time to time and by going out there and starting some thing you would love to start.

This is where the 30 days of happiness comes in. For 30 days you stop and find something that you are grateful for. It can be anything. the Fact that you can feel the wind on your face, or hear the birds tweeting in the trees. It can be anything that makes you happy.

The key to happiness

I will be doing 30 days of happiness on my twitter account, why not follow along and do the 30 days of happiness with me. Why not what have you got to lose? It would be good to see you and to see what you are grateful and happy about. Afterall we are all in this together.

At first, you may find it difficult to do, but after a few day’s it should get easier. You will also notice a difference, you will start to see the good in the world and you will start to feel better about things and start feeling happy. You will notice the little things around you and genrally be happier. Don’t believe me? Why not try it and see.

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