Getting ​back in Shape

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Getting back in shape. I need to and not just for the reason the I’m writing blog posts about health and well being! I’m seriously out of shape!

Take for example the other week. I went to the suit shop Moss Bros to have a suit tailored made for my wedding. (blog post coming up about this!) The big day is coming up really fast! While I was getting measured up I was asked to try on a pair of trousers so they could get my waist size. (I much prefer this than to have my actual waist measured!) So I casually asked for a pair of trousers which were a size 32 inch. I know that I have put on a bit of weight as I probably would have asked for a 30.

Did the trousers fit?

Nope not even close! Saying I was a bit upset was an understatement! The girl Measuring me up asked if I wanted a 34-inch trouser or maybe a 36-inch. Oh My God!

I tried a 36-inch on. They fitted. I was aghast. How had I put that much on? I was meant to be fit as a fiddle! I know I’ve been a bit poorly recently and haven’t had a chance to exercise much but a size 36-inch waist? Really?!

You may be thinking that a size 36-inch waist isn’t that bad, you may even be thinking that you wished that you had a 36-inched waistline. I feel that people waistlines are personal to them and that if your waistline is 46-inches and your happy with that, then your happy. If it doesn’t bother you then why should it bother anyone else.

The thing is with me, I have a very small frame and a 36-inch waist means that I have a ‘tyre’ around my belly. Oh dear, the belly has got me! I really need to get back into shape!

I was fit and I was always exercising.

The key word here is ‘was’. I ran a triathlon just before I went travelling and completed the Olympic distance in just over 2 hours 30 minutes. While travelling through Australia. I used to run 5km to the gym, work out for an hour then run the 5km home. In plus 30 Degree heat. I surfed and I would paddle out battling waves twice overhead height and sit out there for two hours.

I can’t even run for the bus these days without getting out of breath.

So how am I Getting back into shape?

I was speaking to a friend of mine about how I needed to get back into shape and start exercising again. As I didn’t want to be the size I am for the big day. This friend runs and when I say runs. He runs a lot! I think he averages about 50 miles. or is it 60 miles! Either or it’s a silly amount! Now I’m not about to start running 50 miles a week, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Visions of me keeling over at mile 3 spring to mind!

However, he has suggested that I do a 10km run, namely the Sheffield 10km run which is in September (I think!) which should give about 5 months to train. So this is what I’m going to do. I’, expecting a sub 1 hour. Which I think is doable. if this was 10 years ago when I would be expecting a time of around 40 minutes. I will be posting my runs on twitter so feel free to follow and encourage me!

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