Foods to make you feel better and to boost your immune system


Foods to make you feel better

Foods to make you feel better and to boost your immune system! We all get a little sick sometimes whether it’s the common cold or a case flu or even something a worse, The dreaded Man flu! I only ever seem to get this type!

Anyway! Here are 7 Foods to make you feel better, whether you’re battling the sniffles from the common cold or your fighting off a case of man flu. These foods will help you to get back onto your feet and feeling great again!

Citrus fruit

Coming in at Number 7 of foods that make you feel better is the Citrus family. Oranges Limes and Lemons are really good for you! They contain lots of Vitamin C which is an immune system booster! try squeezing five or six oranges with a hand juicer to make your self a delicious fresh presed juice drink!


It has been said that Garlic keeps vampires away, while I don’t know the is true or not I do eat a lot of garlic and I don’t see any Vampires around! Ok, I know the joke was lame! The immune boosting properties of garlic are not though! in Ancient time it was used for everything, tummy bugs, colds and infections. It will help you to not get sick in the first place and if you do it will help fight it away!


Number 5 on the list of foods to make you feel better is honey! This natural sweetener is full of anti-micro bacterial properties. It is awesome if you have a sore throat and has been noted to help support your immune system. Try using honey with a slice of ginger and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice for a really soothing drink!

Red Bell peppers

Number 4 on the 7 foods to make you better list is Red bell peppers! Believe it or not, these contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits! All the colour of bell peppers have the nutrients but the red ones (which are the riper sweeter ones!) Contain the most Vitamin C. Peppers are an amazing addition in Mexican food. Recipes such as Fajitas, Enchiladas and Quesadillas are full of peppers! The spices in these recipes also help to clear a blocked nose!


Spinach is number 3 on the list of foods to make you feel better. Spinach is amazing! Not only is it full of nutrients that can boost your mood but they also help fight off illness! Spinach is full of Vitamin C which helps to ward off colds and Flu.

Chicken Soup

They say Chicken Soup is food for the soul and with good reason! Chicken is full of protein which helps to boost your immune system and the warmth from the liquid helps soothe a sore throat! You can chop up all sorts of tasty veg as well! Try adding Spinach and red bell peppers or even kale which add even more vitamins to your soup!


This superfoods is my number one food to make you feel better! It contains twice as much Vitamin C as orange juice! It also contains lots of antioxidants to help prevent illness! Cooking Broccoli doe take away some of the nutrients though. So try chopping it up and eating with some crunchy coleslaw!

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