Food Poisoning- 7 Foods Not To Eat

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Food poisoning, chances are that you have gotten ill from food at some stage. It’s not a nice experience. Running back and forth to the the toilet. Getting hot and cold sweats and gastric problems that can last for weeks.

There is no telling if the food that you eat is going to make you ill or not. Obviously, if your plate of pasta is growing a furry green coat because it has been left out on the side for five days. It’s not going to be!

Just look at the poor student in Belgium who decided that it would be a good idea. Unfortunately, he’s not around anymore to tell you it’s not because of the food poisoning he got.

This is perhaps an extreme example of food poisoning but it is an example nether the less.

If your food is out of the fridge for more than four hours you should be throwing it in the bin! The speed at which bacteria grows  is so fast! As bacteria doubles every 20 minutes. Which means just 400 pathogens (which is a very small amount) will turn into a staggering 1,638,400 pathogens in four hour! 

There are bacteria everywhere

It takes a certain amount of bacteria to make you sick from food poisoning, depending on how strong your immune system is. The very old, the very young and the sick have weaker immune systems so unfortunately, the number is lower.

There is good news though! Good food hygiene will help you not to get food poisoning. Little things like;

  • having separate chopping boards at home for meat and vegetables
  • using an antibacterial spray to wipe down after cutting raw meat
  • keeping foods covered in your fridge
  • keeping cooked food at the top of your fridge
  • Not eating pasta left out on your side for five days.

Certain foods have a higher chance of giving you food poisoning than others.

The following 7 foods are foods that are best avoided. This is because these have a higher chance of giving you food poisoning.

Foods that are more likely to give you food poisoning

Undercooked chicken

Undercooked Chicken

The chicken lives a rather unfortunate life, most are packed into tight overcrowded barns with little sunlight. Squalid conditions and overcrowding mean the poor chickens get diseases. Chicken meat needs to be cooked through to 75 degrees because of how they are raised. 

You could eat medium chicken if the chicken was raised right and was healthly but chances are they are not. Most chickens are now given vaccinations against salmonella. However there are other nasties that will give you food poisoning, Cambalbactor is one of them. In American over 47% of chicken tested positive for Campylobactor food posioning! 

Unpasteurised dairy

raw milk

This has been popularised by the Paleo Community. To sum up the Paleo diet briefly, it is all about eating food that our caveman ancestors ate.

This is all well and good but if you take into account that our ancestors were lucky to reach the rip old age of 30. You start to wonder if some of their life choices were out of necessity rather than choice.

Pasteurisation is the process of heat treating a product, milk, for example, is heated to 71 degrees for 15 seconds then chilled down again. It kills the bacteria which will give you food poisoning.

In 2014, 96 per cent of dairy foodborne illnesses in the United States was from unpasteurised dairy. There are claims that raw milk is good for you, I will agree, so long as you are in fact a 4-month-old baby and its your mothers breast milk you are drinking, otherwise it’s not worth the risk!

Unwashed Vegetables

unwashed veg

Modern day farming methods use the same fields year in and year out and the Crops that grow in these fields take a lot of nutrients out of the ground. In order to put the nutrients back, the farmers use fertiliser, which is also known as manure. Or also known as cow poo!

Not only do field crops like cow poo but the bacteria E Coli does as well…

E Coli bacteria which is present in the manure gets in to the soil. If you don’t wash the soil off of your Vegetables you could end up with a case of E Coli food poisoning! With possible symptoms of bloody diarrhea cramps a vomiting Its probably best that you was your veggies!


Last nights takeaway

Last nigs takeaway might give you food poisoning

Take away is great! you get delicious food delivered to your door without any effort. However, eating it for breakfast isn’t the wisest choice.

Take away rice, for example, will be cooked then chilled. It is then cooked again for that delicious fried rice you ordered.

If you don’t eat it when it gets delivered, how long is it until you put it into your fridge? Or more to the point, how long is it from the time it was first cooked to the time it was put into your fridge?

If you re-heat the rice the next day, you probably don’t realise that you are cooking the rice for the third time. 

Cooking food three times can lead to all sort of food poisoning, in the case of rice the bacteria that grows on it, releases a toxin which can only destroyed at a temperature of 121 degrees and above. Its probably for the best if you just throw the leftovers in the bin!


These are usually eaten raw and by raw I mean alive! If these are eaten uncooked and aren’t alive the bacteria in them will give you food poisoning. Not only this, if the water in which the oysters are farmed is contaminated with sewage then the bacteria from the sewage will transfer to the oyster and in turn transfer to you, even if the oyster is alive. 

The term ‘a bad oyster’ is a real thing and more to the point, do you really want to be eating a live animal?

Raw fish

Raw fish

The issue with eating raw fish (sashimi, Ceviche and gravlax…) isn’t so much with food poisoning per sec, but more to do with parasites. 

Tiny worms can live in the flesh of the fish and if they are not killed in the freezing process they will be passed on to you. 

When you eat fish contaminated with these worms, which are know as Nemotodes. They will pass through to your stomach and (literally!) move into your intestines. Here they will lay eggs and hatch, left these worms are untreated it has been know for these worms to come out of bodliy orffices along with seeing their eggs in stool. Nice!

It is thought that roughly 50% of the worlds population has some from of GI Nemotodes, with 350 million people world wide being seriously ill because of them

Most cases are in slum areas in developing coutries with poor hygine and poor hygiene education. However they do make an appearance in Northen hemisphere countries.

Honey (for new borns babies)

honey food to make you feel better

Honey can contain botulism spores. Botulism food poisoning is really nasty. It’s not the bacteria itself though rather the nerual toxin it releases.

It attacks your nervous system and leads to paralysis and in extreme cases, death.

The toxin can be treated with an antitoxin or with antibiotics which also stops the paralysis from getting worse. It doesn’t however, regress the paralysis. Although the paralysis has been know to slowly fade after a number of months with normal movement being restored.

Botulism found in honey is harmless to people that are over the age of one. This is because the digestive system has developed enough to move the bacteria through it before it can take hold.

In the infant, the digestive system hasn’t developed enough to push the bacteria through in time. Which results in the spores germinating in the intestines and releasing the toxin.

Thankfully cases of infant botulism are very rare, less than a hundred cases a year in the United States. Although the United States do report the most amount of Infant Botulism in the world. Please do not feed your baby Honey!

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