top 10 essential kitchen tools

Ten Essential Kitchen Tools

Ten essential Kitchen tools everyone should own! Here are the tools for anyone that is even slightly interested in cooking at home! So read on to find out my top essential Kitchen tools!

Number 10

the peeler is essential kitchen tool number 10
A good Peeler

Straight in at number 10 is a good quality peeler! This handy piece of kit is a must and will help you to remove the skin of potatoes, vegetables and lots of other things. So whether you are boiling some potatoes or chopping carrots, this handy little gadget will make light work of the peeling! (Handy tip, When peeling carrots use the peeler to take the ends off as well as it will save you time!)


Number 9

hand held juicer is essential kitchen tool number 9
A hand held juicer

The Handheld Juicer is ninth on the list for essential kitchen tools. There’s nothing quite like squeezing the juice out of citrus fruits and adding them to marinades, smoothies and sauces. The juicer with the big pointy bit takes effort and gets messy and you end up losing loads of juice! Get yourself a handheld juicer! You get all of the juice out of citrus fruit without making a mess in less than half the time it takes to use the pointy juicer!


Number 8

Measuring jug
A Measuring Jug

The Measuring Jug comes in at number 8 on the essential Kitchen tool kit list. Although not quite a tool, these are really handy to have, which is why it is included in my top 10 essential tools! Without a measuring jug, you are not going to be able to measure anything! So go out and get one if you haven’t already got one!



Number 7

rolling pin
Rolling Pin

A rolling pin. If you’re making anything cake like you will need this to make you Icing nice and flat!! These are also handy for breaking up ice to make crushed ice just in case you want a mojito on a hot summers day!


Number 6

A quality Grater
A Quailty Grater

A ‘quality’ grater. This comes in at number 6 on my top ten essential kitchen tools. Buy a cheap one for a pound from your local supermarket and it will be blunt and break easily get a quality and I promise you that it will make a difference. A big difference!



Number 5

a extra fine grater
A extra fine grater

An extra fine grater. This is hands down one of my favourite kitchen tools ever! I would really upset me if I lost it! It was a tough choice to put it at number 5 on my top 10 essential kitchen tools list. the reason it’s at number 5 and not lower down the table is that I could manage without it. Not that I would want to! It mince’s garlic, ginger, turmeric and everything else for that matter in mere seconds!


Number 4

A small Palate knife

A small palate knife. ‘Get one of these’ was the advice from one of my tutors when I was in Chef school. It was sound advice! This amazing gadget can get under anything, be used as a tasting spoon, a butter knife. It can be used as a spoon to get into little spice jars. The list goes on! Get one and you will wonder why you never had one in the first place. Oh and make sure when you bend it springs back!


Number 3

essential kitchen tool number three
Trusty Tongs!

Coming in third in my top ten essential Kitchen tool list is the trusty set of tongs! This piece of fabulous kit is like an extension of my hand and is probably the most used piece of kitchen kit! As sad as it sounds if I can’t find this I get upset! I need this for nearly everything I cook! I really couldn’t be without it!


Number 2

the number two essential kitchen tool
A Diamond dusted steel

A diamond dusted steel. Yup a knife sharpener is number 2 on my top ten essential kitchen tools, it keeps my knives nice and sharp! I use a diamond dusted one as it sharpens hardened steel easier. They take a bit of getting used to at first but once you have the technique down, you will have sharp knives always!


The top essential Kitchen tool is…

Drum roll please!

the number one essential kitchen tool
Folded Japanese steel knives

My set of knives. You probably guessed it once you saw the knife sharpener at number 2! My Chef’s knife (The largest one here) Is 10 years old and will outlive me! They were expensive though. However, It’s the only Chef’s knife I have brought in the last 10 years. Invest in the best quality knives that you can and learn how to look after them properly and these will also last you a lifetime.

Do you agree with the top 10 or have I missed something out? Let me know in the comments box below! I would love to hear what your essential kitchen tools are and why!

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