Getting engaged;

This is the story of how I got engaged to Becky.

Like most woman, Becky is a secret Disney Princess and by secret I mean She will tell every one who will listen and also everyone that won’t listen that she is a Disney princess. I feel that this is just woman in general! She and her friend Karis had booked a trip to Disneyland Paris for Karis’s birthday.

If I’m honest it was because of this trip the the engagement happened. Becky was always saying that ‘getting engaged in Disney land would be so amazing! (cue the brick sized hint!)

One small Problem

If I had planned a trip to Disneyland, then she would be expecting the proposal. Proposing on this trip would mean she would be expecting it. If I was not to propose. This trip would mean disappointment, who goes to go to Disney land for disappointment. However if you are going for the small world ride, then you are going for disappointment!

Small world is the worlds worst ride that, that song is STILL in my head!

Another small Problem…. ok lots of problems!

I had no ring, which “needed to be classic gold with one stone” and I had no idea what ring size she was, apparently it goes up in letters….

I hadn’t asked her Dad and Oh, I had no tickets to Disney land let alone transport over to another country and then there was the small matter of she was leaving in two days time. Which gave me three days to pull it together. Easy.

The plan looked something like this;

  • Ask female flatmate to come ring shopping
  • Book Coach ticket to Sheffield to ask her Dad
  • Call her Mum, to ask her where her dad would be and get a ring size
  • Book a Eurostar day return ticket
  • Install and try to hide a tracking app on her phone

3 hours later

I’m sitting at the computer at work feeling pretty damn good about myself and about to print the tickets off.

The tickets print, I double check them. The date is wrong.

Why is the date wrong. I can’t have booked the wrong Date, Becky must have told me the wrong date. I go to call Becky and ask her why she told me the wrong date, but wait, I can’t do that because I will ruin the surprise. It suddenly dawned on me I had booked the wrong date. Becky is leaving tomorrow. Oops.

The restaurant is getting busy and someone has called in sick, but also Eurostar customer services is closing soon. I need to make a decision.

I call Eurostar.

As the phone rings, I cross my fingers and I tell myself to ‘lay it on thick’. The phone is answered and a polite French woman voice answers. Lucky luck must be smiling at me.

I explained what I had done and what I also wanted to do if Eurostar was nice enough to help me out. She said She would see what see could do and put me on hold.

I can hear plates crash in the restaurant and some ranting from the Chef. I really needed to go back to the restaurant, a moment later a friendly ‘hello’ in a French accent came though my phone, I held my breath

No problem Mr Handley we can sort that for you… A massive result Looks like the Engagement was back on, Providing she said yes that is! I said thank you, got the finer details and dived back into the restaurant to fix the problem that was arising!

My Eurostar train was leaving at 7am. Which meant I had to get the first train leaving from twickenham at 4.45am. There was also the small issue of trying to find her in a massive theme park. I had tried to install a tracking app on her phone but she saw it! She wasn’t exactly impressed either.

“why are you putting that app on my phone blah blah blah”

Oh Dear, so not only had I upset her I had no way of finding her either What to do what to do…

Call her friend

I called Karis, Fingers crossed I would be able to call her and Becky wouldn’t find out!

I called her.

Not only did Karis agree to help she thought it was a great Idea! Amazing its going to make life a lot easier! We agreed that she would take her though the castle at 1pm and I would be waiting for her on the other side to pop the question and hopefully become engaged in the process. She said she would also make sure she would record Becky going though the tunnel so we would have it to look back on. This was absolutely amazing!

The day

My alarm when off, it was 4 am, I questioned what I was about to do. Was I really about to jump on a train from London to Paris and back again and not get engaged? Is she going to say yes? Am I wrong to crash the birthday celebration? Maybe she will say no, to getting engaged what then, its not like I can just go on splash mountain and all the other rides, its a round trip, get in, drop to one knee ask the question, get out

These are all questions that run though the mind on ‘this’ day. The crazy facebook post where a guys drops to his knee then bashed round the head with a ukalayle so he can’t ask the question pops into my head. I quickly get rid of this and jump out of bed. I also make sure I have everything, I didn’t want to forget the park tickets, or worse, leave the ring at home. Imagine turning up out of the blue in another country dropping to one knee, asking for a hand in marriage, then saying, ‘sorry babe I’ve left the ring at home…’

Here we go!

I leave for that station at about 4.30am I don’t really remember much but I did record moments though-out the day. You can catch the video below

She said yes!

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