Chicken Stock

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Chicken stock. Good stock can make or break a meal, especially if the dish calls for a lot of stock! Food such as braised Chicken, soups and sauces and gravies need good quality stocks.

Modern, ready-made chicken stocks are available but they are also full of preservatives and additives. The low cost and the amount of time you save when using these ready-made stock are appealing, however, the flavour is nowhere near as good a real stock so it’s worht investing a little time to make your own.

A good Chicken stock takes around three to fours hours to make. That’s excluding any time for prepping! It is worth it the effort though! It freezes really well, so use an ice cube tray to portion up your stock and you will have handy stock cubes when you need them!

Another quick point is to add your salt at the end of cooking your chicken stock. If you add it in at the beginning then you run the risk of making your stock too salty! You can alway add more in but you can’t take it out!

Does Chicken stock have health benefits?

Stock or bone broth has been made for 1000’s of years. The earliest recordings of bone broth are from Two and a half thousand years ago in China. Back then it was prescribed as a medicine used to help with digestion as a blood builder (I’m not sure what that means!) In the 12th Century in Egypt it was prescribed for asthma and colds, there are some health benefits to help fight off colds, so long as you use the stock as a base for Chicken soup. as for the rest, I’m not quite sure it works!

A few years ago in America, there was a bone broth food trend. Whereby people said that bone broth would give you a load of health benefits. (A bone broth is similar to stock but whole meat is used rather than just the bones). The authors of the book ‘Nourishing broth’ said that it would boost your immune system and help your bones and joints. Studies have been unable to find these claims! So it seems like it was just made up to sell more books!

Making your own stock is healthy than buying ready-made stock pots or cubes. For the reason that there are no poisonous additives in them like poeple put in bacon!

Classic recipe

There are many different recipes and variations of stock but the classic chicken stock recipe states that you should use cold water, use a Mirepoix, which a combination of Onions, celery and carrot. Along with a bouquet garni. Which is a combination of parsley stalks, thyme and bay leaves. You also need to roast some chicken bones off. Of course, you don’t have to use this combination to make chicken stock, I don’t in my step by step how-to video below and the stock came out beautifully! I have since used it for braised baked ham and also for the base as a chicken and mushroom risotto!

There are two important factors when it comes to makeing a good stock.

the first is to skim the foam off of the top regularly.

The second is to make sure you simmer your chicken stock for the right length of time. Three to Four hours. If you don’t simmer it for long enough it will taste weak and watery. If you simmer it for too long and it will become bitter and it won’t taste very nice!

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