Relationships this section will mostly be about my Beautiful Fiancée Becky.

I have been in a relationship with Becky for nearly 6 years.  If you knew us while we worked together then we have been together for just for five years!

At the time we met we were working for a company that had the rule that relationships are forbidden at work. As with all work places that have this rule we we hiding it. As with all people hiding their relationships, every single person knows! Such is the way with these things lol!

We are now engaged and the story of this engagement is by some accounts pretty good. (This story is going to be my first blog post in this category, so check that one out!)

There’s other large life changing things for example we have brought a house  We have two cats, one is called Lady Cat Face and the other is called Lumiére. (Guess which one I named!) They are both trouble although Lumiére likes a lot more fuss.

There’s a marriage coming next year in a beautiful venue in the north of England. We are (hopefully) having a honey moon in a far flung land in which Becky likes to call floating house’s. I want to point out quickly that these house’s don’t float but they are actually built on stilts but they do sit on turquoise blue waters.

In short this category will will be about our relationship and how it is forever evolving.