Head Space

Mental Health, it is OK to Not be Ok.

Serious topic. Serious Question; Are you happy?

I try to be and most of the time I am. If I’m not then I try to sort out the issues that are making me unhappy. Sometimes the answer is a quick fix sometimes its not. Sometimes the problem creeps up slowly and then theres all sort s of problems to sort out

My feeling’s on this are, It doesn’t matter what you earn or what car you drive if your are not happy. Nothing else matters. (While I am on the subject feelings are something we also need to speak about more) Some of my happiest moments has been while I had nothing but a bag of clothes on my back travelling though Asia. Thats it.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, although it is true that it does help, I would never of been able to travel if I didn’t have the means to buy a plane ticket its as the experience that made me happen, just as its experience that make you unhappy.

This section is all about Head space or in other words Mental health and being happy.

It is only recently people are speaking about these subjects more. I’m going to guess here, .

There have been some huge breakthroughs recently. I’m finding more and more of my conversations are about serious hard hitting subjects and not just ‘banter’ but we have a long way to go to catch up with the girls.

Statistics say one in four people will experience a mental health issue Each Year, let that sink in for a moment 1 in 4 people a year…

Thats far too many.

As Bob Hoskins used to day ‘Its good to talk’