This Category is about your health, well being and looking after yourself in general.

Sure, there are some amazing advances in bionic limbs, but we are probably  100 years away from being able to integrate our body with robotic ones. So with that in mind perhaps we should look after the one we have?

For example is going out out and getting hammered drunk and eating junk food on the way home the best way to look after your health?

It’s true that  you will end up with some awesome stories about your mates but I would put money on the answer to the above question being a big fat No!

So what is a better way? Eating a balanced diet perhaps? Limiting the junk food you eat? What about trying to avoid food additives and preservatives where possible?

Or even trying to get some regular exercise and perhaps taking some time out to unwind?

The answers to these questions is a firm Yes!

This doesn’t mean you need to go to extremes and start a 4 week detox veggie shake diet. Or become the next Iron Man world champion to have great health. (there have been studies done that say that both of these aren’t that great for you anyway)

Watching what you eat and learning about the foods that you eat. While getting some exercise in. Whether thats getting in the gym or going for a run a couple of times a week.

It’s these types of blogs that you will find in this category

In short just generally looking after yourself a little bit.