Carolina Reaper Chicken wings. Red hot wings

Carolina ​Reaper Chicken Wings!

Carolina Reaper Chicken wings! If you are going to have chicken wings then make them as hot as you can! These are my red hot chicken wings and I used the hottest chilli pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper!

I really love my chillies, I can’t find a curry house in the UK that makes one hot enough and believe me I’ve tried! One curry house I went to put so much Naga paste into my curry that it turned purple! So when I found out about the Caroline Reaper I wanted to try them!

The Carolina Reaper is as it stands the hottest Chilli pepper in the world as stated by the Guinness book of records.

There have been other claims to chilli peppers being the hottest but so far they are unverified. So the Carolina Reaper has the crown. For Now!

This Chilli pepper records at over two million Scoville units and can be 880 times hotter than a Jalapeno. That is hot!

I brought my Carolina Reaper peppers off of Amazon and I got 10 dried peppers for the small sum of £3.50. I was wondering if they would be the authentic Carolina Reaper peppers. I took the chance anyway and brought them. Upon opening the envelope there was a strong odour that burnt the back of my nostrils and throat! I took this as a sign that they were the real deal!

Red hot Chicken wing!

Seeing as the internet is awash with crazy people eating these insanely hot peppers, I decided that I was going to cook with them. Which led to the thought, who is crazier? Someone that will just eat the pepper whole for a piece of ‘creative’ content or someone that will sit down, create a recipe with them and (try to!) enjoy them as part of a meal? Feel free to posts your thoughts in the comment’s box below!

Starting point

The recipe idea which you may find a little different has come from a red hot sauce I brought a few years back. The sauce went by the name of Dragons blood and it was this sauce that has brought me to love red hot spicy things! This sauce had blueberries in it so this was my starting point.

From here I paired the flavours. So I added Orange to pair with the blueberries. To (try to!) balance the heat I use honey as this pairs well with orange. I then added some garlic and threw in some cacao nibs as the chocolate goes well with the Blueberries. Lastly I seasoned it.

Hoe to make Carolina Reaper chicken wings

I use my chopping board a lot and Becky, my fiancee, doesn’t like anything spicy, not even a little! I also have to lovely little cats and I didn’t want them to end up eating a little sliver of chilli pepper in the. My Thinking was if a little bit fell onto the floor, they might walk on it and accidentally pick it up in theirs little paw and then lick it!

It was these reason that I didn’t want to chop the Carolina Reaper up for my Red hot Chicken wings. So I smashed them up using a pestle and mortar! This method took a long time but it did mean that I got all of the peppers in my sauce!

So I prepared the wings, covered them in my sauce and popped them in the oven!

The final result

An hour and a half later my Red hot chicken wings were nearly ready! I took them out of the oven and took the wings out of the cooking juice.

I put the wings back into the oven to crisp them up and put the cooking juice into an old saucepan and reduced it. The reducing didn’t quite go to plan however, the vapour from the saucepan made me cough, a lot! I had to open the Kitchen door and window to let the air clear! These wings were going to be evil! I couldn’t wait!

Once I had reduced the sauce to a thick consistency I took my wings out of the oven and tossed them in my evil sauce! I sat down and ate them.

How were my red hot Chicken wings? Well, what I will tell you is that they were hot! Red hot! The flavour was really nice until the chillies kicked in!

My reaction can be found in the video below Which also show how to make them. If you’re crazy enough to make them that is!

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