Blue corn Tortillas

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Blue corn tortillas. I simply love the flavour that blue corn tortillas have! They have a real earthy flavour and have a beautiful deep blue colour when made. They are the older cousin of the flour tortilla. The flour tortilla was invented when the Spanish landed in the southern America’s around 500 years ago and replaced the corn with flour. Corn tortillas date back to around 12,000 years ago which makes these one of the oldest recorded recipes ever!

Traditionally the corn was soaked in slaked lime and water. Unbeknown to the ancient Central Americans at the time this process also increases the nutritional value of the tortilla. Although the Ancient Central Americans were probably more interest in the tough outer skins of the corn being dissolved!

The process from here results in a paste which is ground down, flattened and cooked over an open fire.

The resulting blue corn tortilla is simply delicious and really easy to make. what with blue corn flour being readily available online. They are super simple to make and they only require a little effort. You will need one piece of special equipment though. The tortilla press, which is also easily available online.

These Blue corn tortillas are amazing for a whole range of Mexican dishes, such as Quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas and tacos to name a few!

Making blue corn tortillas

Blue corn tortillas are really simple to make and you only need a few ingrediant to make them:

  • 450 grams blue corn flour
  • 250 ml of warm water
  • pinch of salt

That’s it!

Method to make Blue corn tortillas

adding water to a bowl of Blue corn flour

The first thing that you need to do is to place the flour into a large mixing bowl. Add in the salt and then add in your water. Note the bluey purple colour! 

blue corn dough

Mix thoroughly until the flour comes together with the water. If your mixture is too wet add some more flour. If your mixture is too dry then add some more water. Once your dough has come together in a solid yet slightly tacky mass it is ready to ball up.

weight blue corn dough

Using a set of weighing scales weight out your blue corn tortilla dough into golf ball-sized balls weighing 50 to 55 grams apiece.

lining a tortilla press

Once all of your blue corn tortilla dough has been weight out, Take you tortilla press and line it with a small sheet of greaseproof paper.

pressing a blue corn disk

Gently flatten one of the blue corn tortilla dough balls to a rough dish shape and place on top of the greaseproof paper.

Place another sheet of greaseproof paper on top of the flatten dough ball and close the lid.

raw blue corn tortilla

Press down firmly on the lid and lift up. This may take some effort! The result will be a perfectly round blue corn tortilla! 

Repeat with the remain Blue corn tortilla dough balls.
cooking a blue corn torilla

Once all of the dough has been pressed light your stovetop and place a pan over a medium flame. Add in one of your raw tortilla disks and cook until it starts to bubble up and take on a slight brown hue. This should take about a minute.

Flip over the tortilla and cook for another minute.

blue corn tortillas

Place the tortilla onto a cooling rack to cool and stack up ready for your amazing Mexican creation! Not are they good for meals but they can also be used as a chip for queso sauce, pico de gallo and guacamole.

I really hope that you try and make these as they are really well worth the effort. They taste absolutely incredible and blow the store brought tortillas out of the water!

Let me know what you think of these in the comments section below!

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