Bacon sandwich


Bacon Sandwich, Blow Torched

You read that title right! here’s a recipe for a blow torched Bacon sandwich, well, I say recipe its more of a how to have fun while making a sandwich, with a blowtorch.

I did have a lot of fun making this post! Firstly there I pulled a lump of stone from my garden and cooked it on that. Making sure it was clean first, just in case your wondering! It was scrubbed it with a wire brush and sat in boiling water to sterilise it. Then, then I heated up with the blow torch. There was this thought in the back of my mind that I needed to clean it properly because if I didn’t it would taste of mud or moss!

I must admit cooking the bacon sandwich in a frying pan would have been a lot less time consuming and a lot easier, but cooking the bacon this way is way cooler, much much cooler!

Becky was working last night and she came in to a a trashed kitchen and a garden stone in the sink, was she happy? No, no she was not! She wants the stone to go back out side which I don’t think it should seeing how long it took me to clean it up, I think I will have to hide it!


For this bacon sandwich you will need;

  • A pork loin from the butchers
  • Butter
  • Freshly baked bread
  • A large clean stone
  • A blow torch
  • Some type of condiment (my condiment of choice is Mayonnaise)


The Method is really simple. Cut the bread and butter it. Heat up the stone, cover it in butter, add the bacon and cook with the blow torch. Place bacon in between the bread. Add condiment of choice and consume. Its a bit more involved than my previous recipe Mushroom garlic bread .

But it certainly was a lot more fun!

But please, don’t try it at home! Watch the video instead!

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