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Bacon. is a deep comforting soul food which is embedded in our society. Take the simple bacon sandwich, make one on a Sunday morning serve with coffee its amazing especailly if you have had a big night the night before! There are literally thousands of recipes. All based around this delicious meat and how to cook it, but what about the health risks of bacon? Are the health risks justified? Is it all a lie? Or is it super corporations coving it all up?

After all, what if everyone stopped eating bacon? The whole bacon industry would be wiped out. Business owners are very protective of their Businesses. Even to the point of putting their business before the well being of people, Which I have seen first hand.

So is it any wonder why it’s been made so difficult to know what information is right and what information is wrong?

The headline stories in the national newspapers can be all very one-sided. There is no real fact giving with the stories just doom and gloom.

personally, I don’t trust newspapers anymore. One newspaper will have one view on a subject and the newspaper next to it will have a different view. Completely contradicting each other!

The recent calls of Fake news have also made me wonder about what is real and what is not. Although personally, I feel the phase has been coined to blur what’s real and what is not.

Health risks of bacon

Bacon is no different when it comes to having the lines blurred. Large corporations in America lobby to protect the Pork industry. Which creates a huge amount of different opinions. These opinions range from Bacon is actually good for you! (It has been said that the exact right amount of nitrate is used for bacon!)! To it had to be produced like this as it’s the only safe way to produce it.

The lines of What processed meat is also blurred. By definition processed meats are meats that have been processed to improve shelf live or flavour. We all know that Bacon has preservatives in them, but what about a pre-made meal that has lean ground up meat and simply has herbs and seasoning added in it? is it really Processed then? I mean this is what you would do at home to make a ragu for a bolognese anyway, Right?

Preservatives in Bacon

Back in the 70’s food companies started to add Sodium Nitrate and sodium Nitrites to Pork and in particular in Bacon. It was known then as a carcinogenic (something that can cause cancer). The Food standards agency in America found out and said the companies had three months to reason why it was needed to be in food.

The companies knew then that it couldn’t do this so they got creative. They testified that it was needed to stop a deadly bacteria, Clostridium botulinum from forming. It was passed.

The thing is with the rise of refrigeration, there is a way to do this without using nitrates and nitrites. Its to use salt and curing salths.It was the way it was cured before the discovery of these additives.

Another point is that this bacterium needs an atmosphere free from oxygen to grow with can only be achieved by canning foods or by vacuum sealing foods.

A Recent 18-month study by The Quadrum Institute. Has stated that vacuumed packed pork is good for lengths of up to 28 days. Giving pork the longest vacuum packed shelf life. After Lamb at 27 days and beef at 23 days. These time lengths have been up to these amounts from 10 days for all meats.

So when a leaked report from the Britsh Food Agency earlier this year stated,

‘Nitrates and Nitrites play no part in preventing Botulism spores in processed meats’.

It’s very easy to see that it’s not needed and the whole thing has been made up.

The reason that salts are not used is because of the costs in both time and money it takes to cure bacon this way. It eats the profits of the companies in the pork industry.

What do the preservatives do

The preservatives in Bacon, called the sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, were made Class I by the world health organisation. In other words, Carcinogenic to humans. For comparison, Asbestos and Tobacco are also Class I.

Sodium nitrate with a skull and cross bones

Sodium Nitrate, combine with Iron will deoxidise red blood cells making then useless. It also is claimed that it narrows and hardens blood vessels. It is these preservatives that are linked to cancers, and all of the other horrible side effects and not the meat itself.

Why are there preservatives in bacon

Why are there preservatives in bacon? I believe that it’s to reduce production costs and to make the pork industry and the companies in it more money. It’s as simple as that but by doing so they are poisoning people.

Bacon’s health risks are due to preservatives and not the pork Meat iteslef.

Calls have been made for the ban of these preservatives in food. Whether this happens or not remains to been seen. There is preservative free bacon available, it is 2 to 3 the price though!

You can try and preserve your own bacon, it does takes weeks to cure!

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